Service alerts

The HSL Alerts API can be used to query real-time updates from the HSL fleet in GTFS-RT format.

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Service Architecture

The service connects to the Poikkeusinfo v3 XML interface (, reads this data, and converts it to GTFS-RT

Service dependencies

No Digitransit related service dependencies. Reads data from

URL Project description HSLAlerts upstream development (there probably won't happen much) Google transit community (especially GTFS-RT)!forum/gtfs-realtime Google transit forum

Key technologies and specifications

  • Python

Docker image

The resulting Docker image is called hsldevcom/hslalert and it is available at DockerHub. The image can be built using this build script.

To run Docker container, run:

docker run -p 8080:5000 hsldevcom/hslalert

To access Docker container:


For More information about how to use Docker see docker info.