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Docker guide

Docker images on dockerhub

All our services are available as Docker images in Dockerhub:


Digitransit build pipeline

build pipeline

Build process is usually performed by github actions.

E.g. to check digitransit-ui pipeline and its status, check:


How to use Docker?

We use Docker, you should know how it works.


There are some OS specific hints you should be aware of:

  1. Docker has native support only for Linux. This means that OS X and Windows need extra steps to get it working. For them we recommend:


  2. When starting container by mapping ports e.g. like this:
docker run -d -p 9200:9200 --name pelias-data-container hsldevcom/pelias-data-container

You should be aware that Linux and Virtual machine based environments (Windows, OS X) expose given services differently. On Linux: http://localhost:9200 , in other environments it doesn't work. You need to figure out docker-machine IP and use it by running:

docker-machine config default

This gives you something like:


You should then access application by

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