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For developers

Digitransit Platform is an open source journey planning solution that combines several open source components into a modern, highly available route planning service. Route planning algorithms and APIs are provided by Open Trip Planner (OTP). OTP is a great solution for general route planning but in order to provide top-notch journey planning other components such as Mobile friendly user interface, Map tile serving, Geocoding, and various data conversion tools are needed. Digitransit platform provides these tools.


Use of the APIs requires registration and API keys.


The source code of the platform is dual-licensed under the EUPL v1.2 and AGPLv3 licenses.


Our issue tracking is handled in https://digitransit.atlassian.net.

Key features

  • Multimodal routing
  • Realtime information support
  • Mobile friendly user interface that supports themes
  • Configurable for any region

In production

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