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Points of interest

This API provides vector map tiles for points of interests like ticket sales positions, city bike stations and park and ride areas. They can be displayed on top of the background raster map.

Data format

Vector maps are available in Mapbox Vector Tile format



Supported URL parameters

Parameter Type Description
source string Source layer. See choices below. E.g, hsl-stop-map
z int Zoom level
x int x-coordinate
y int y-coordinate

Source values

Value Description
hsl-stop-map A bus stop map of Helsinki
hsl-parkandride-map A map showing the Park and Ride sites in the Helsinki region
waltti-stop-map A bus stop map of Waltti regions. You can check the currently active regions at: http://waltti.fi/?lang=en
finland-stop-map A bus stop map of Finland
hsl-citybike-map A map showing the city bikes available in the Helsinki region
waltti-citybike-map A map showing the city bikes available in the Waltti regions.
finland-citybike-map A map showing the city bikes available in Finland.
hsl-ticket-sales-map A map showing the ticket sales points in the Helsinki region. Includes for example many kiosks and stores.


Map tiles address


Source address for Mapbox GL JS library


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