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Realtime APIs

GTFS-RT APIs (service alerts and trip updates) hosted at api.digitransit.fi have been deprecated. For HSL region, realtime data in GTFS-RT format is available from HSL GTFS-RT API. Waltti open data provides GTFS-RT for many cities around Finland. Realtime data is also available from the routing API.

Realtime APIs provide disruption information and predictions for stop arrival and departure times in GTFS RT format and vehicle positions in a custom JSON format. When using realtime APIs, keep in mind that the availability and quality of the data varies in each city.

At first you should read the real-time API getting started guide to better understand limitations and possibilities.

Note: service alerts and trip updates are incorporated to the routing API. If you are using routing API, there is no need to use GTFS-RT APIs for service alerts and trip updates.


API  Description
Service alerts  Provides disruption information from HSL area in GTFS-RT format
Trip updates Provides predictions in GTFS-RT format to arrival and departures times for stops along the route of a trip.
Vehicle positions Provides positions (and events) from vehicles in GTFS-RT format and in a custom format.
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