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0. Intro on Digitransit

Digitransit Platform is an open-source journey planning solution that combines open-source components into a route planning service. It has Mobile friendly user interface, Map tile serving, Geocoding, and data conversion tools. Route planning algorithms and APIs are provided by Open Trip Planner (OTP). For more information about Digitransit, please visit: https://digitransit.fi/en/

Digitransit is provided by Helsinki Region Transportation (HSL), Fintraffic, and Waltti Solutions Oy.

1. General

Digitransit is striving for transparent co-operation with parties who need and want to take advantage of Digitransit data and enables the use of data to foster free and innovative use cases. Digitransit data is guided by European Parliament directive (EU) 2019/1024 and open data and the reuse of public-sector information “Laki julkisen hallinnon tiedonhallinnasta annetun lain muuttamisesta (710/2021)”.

To fulfill this objective Digitransit has opened API-interface for system developers (Users). User may for example, integrate other systems to connect with Digitransit API or develop new applications to utilize the data. These terms of use define the practices, responsibilities, and rights on utilizing the Digitransit API. The User joining to connect to the interface accepts these terms including HSL and Digitransit joint privacy statement. Digitransit is not charging any fees on joining and utilizing API.

2. The practices to join the API

API user can register at https://portal-api.digitransit.fi/. In the registration process the User is required to provide contact information for Digitransit for communications purpose. The communications may be on topics of version changes of API, new services, or good practices for example. After the registration process the User can obtain needed subscription key to authorize API queries. The user registration information is processed according to HSL and Digitransit joint privacy statement (see Other references).

The User can terminate the account and its subscriptions in same address at https://portal-api.digitransit.fi/. Technically, in termination process, the user account is deleted both in Digitransit API management and Digitransit ID management systems.

3. Digitransit data

Via API the User can access Digitransit data which is defined in https://digitransit.fi/en/developers/apis/.

Usage of API may require a registration and account verification by e-mail. Also, User's first and last name are required. Digitransit may change the identification technology, or the data required in registration at any time based on Digitransit business needs such as information security. Such changes apply also to Users that have registered earlier.

Digitransit makes the data available based on JHS-189 [permission to use the open data] and Creative Commons name 4.0 (CC BY) licensing.

CC BY is global, gratuitous, non-exclusive, and non-revocable right to use the data to any purpose, including right to copy, rework and distribute.

These terms of use are about terms of data delivery method and technology. The permission to use the data is defined according to Creative Commons name 4.0 (CC BY) license. Digitransit may change the structure or distribution technology at any time based on business needs. The CC BY right is on Digitransit data that is given out now and in the past, but Digitransit does not commit to always produce same data or may change the licensing of new data.

While using Digitransit data, the User is required to give Digitransit an attribution as author for data, and to provide date and time of receiving the data as defined by CC BY license (for example © Digitransit 2021). Digitransit providers (see chapter 0) owns all data provided in its interfaces, except the city bike stations OD-data, which is owned by City Bike Finland. And note that use of Journey Planner OpenStreetMap based geographical and address data is controlled by ODbL-license. This covers in practice part of routing, geo-coding, and map-API data.

Digitransit API is managed by tools that enable analyzing of the data query for purpose of statistics, development and incident management like problem solving, problem isolating or stoppage. Digitransit reserves a right to use rate limiting methods for any given User if it seems necessary for service provisioning or continuity reasons.

4. User’s responsibilities

User is responsible for not causing harm to Digitransit API with her/his actions. In case of trouble or doubt Digitransit has right to immediately close temporarily or permanently any User’s account without communication. User is responsible for all her/his operations and actions, e.g., acquiring, and operating hardware, software, and communications links.

5. Digitransit responsibilities

Digitransit is not responsible or liable for claims on User’s failures, also those listed in chapters 3. ja 4.

6. Limitations of liability

Digitransit makes the usage of API available as it is. Digitransit is not liable for any mistakes the API may have, or changes made to it. This limitation covers all types and forms of mistakes and errors. Digitransit is not liable for operational breaks or disturbances or other related damage or business harm. Digitransit can change the API without prior notice to User. The User should inform Digitransit on found API disturbances or errors.

7. Other terms

The use of Digitransit API does not form a work, co-operation, or business contract between Digitransit and the User.

8. Applicable law

These terms and conditions are governed by Finnish law, but not by its provisions on international conflict of laws. If any disputes cannot be resolved through mutual consultation, the matter can be submitted to the District Court of Helsinki as a first-instance court.

10. Changes to ‘Terms of Use’

Digitransit retains right to change these terms of use at any time and the changes are affecting also earlier registered Users. The terms of use must be re-accepted by the User and the User can stop using the newly provided technology or data.

11. Contacts

Digitransit team can be contacted via Twitter @HSLdevcom

Or by mail digitransit-api@hsl.fi (or hsl@hsl.fi referring to “Digitransit API terms of Use”)

Paper mail: Digitransit team c/o HSL Helsingin seudun liikenne -kuntayhtymä, PL 100, 00077 HSL, Finland

12. Other references

HSL data privacy policy https://www.hsl.fi/hsl/tietosuoja

© Digitransit 2024